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We have hired a care coordinator, Marsha Gauthier, RN. The new concept of population health is geared to improving the health of our community as a whole. Three Programs that our care coordinator is focused on is:

Transitional Care Management
Annual Wellness Visits
Chronic Care Management.

Transitional Care Management is designed to help patients on hospital discharge and returning to the clinic for follow up care. Preventative healthcare and Annual Wellness Visits are measures taken for disease prevention. We perform wellness visits at Rural Health Clinic and Family Care Clinic. Lastly, is our "Partners for Life" Chronic Care Management Program. This program is encouraged by Medicare to give patients the personalized attention of a registered nurse. It focuses on creating a team-based, patient-centered approach designed to assist patients and their support systems to manage their chronic medical conditions more effectively. A team-based approach helps to identify if the patient needs assistance for resources such as food, shelter, health insurance and prescription needs. I have identified that there are so many people in our area who need help to understand what resources are available to them in our area. If anyone is interested in any of our programs, please call our clinic today.

Bunkie General's Rural Health Clinics invite you to experience our practice transformation:

Bunkie General Hospital's Rural Health Clinics have partnered with Caravan Health to help transform our practice to help keep our patient's well. We have hired a care coordinator to work closely with our patient's, community, providers and hospital to help promote a culture of a continuum of wellness for our population. Our new movement is all part of Population Health. The new concept of population health is focused on improving the health of our community and keeping our patients healthy longer. We are working to providing same day appointments, access to your care team, education of our patients on their illness and patient participation in their health plan. Our Clinics are encouraging the patients to know when to return, when lab work is due, other screening test that are available to help keep them happy and healthy. Our Clinics are focused on working with the patients in our community on their healthcare journey.

Milestones in our Clinics:

Lab services
Transitional Care Management
Chronic Care Management
Wellness appointments
Same day appointments
Improving quality care on our patient visits
Customer Service initiatives

Arriving in January 2019 Rural Health Clinic to host Vaccine for Children program.